Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Em's 50th birthday, Radelaide


We had the most wonderful Adelaide weekend for my beautiful sister Em's birthday. Pen and her mob, and dad had driven over the day before, but we had to fly in through Fortress SA.
Despite the chilly conditions, we had a picnic lunch on Saturday in the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens, which were in full Autumn glory. It was wonderful to finally meet the lovely Elsa! The kids had a bit of kick to kick and then all of us a leisurely stroll around the lake. Then a totally yummy (and emotional!) birthday dinner at Em's. We all miss Annie.
A lazy day on Sunday in the AGSA where we got to see the much anticipated Clarice Beckett, which was amazing, ethereal and sublime. One of the better exhibitions I've ever seen by any Australian artist, and certainly nobody has ever caught Melbourne or Port Phillip Bay so atmospherically (and what a sad incredible story, her life!). Then a super lunch at a tasty local Greek Restaurant.
So great to all be together again in Adelaide!

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