Saturday, 11 June 2022

Ski Troutaineering, opening weekend

Last week's storm meant one of the best ever starts to our fickle Australian ski season, with most of the mountain's trails set to open. 
There was also still snow down to low altitudes, and after a solid season of trountainbiking, Baz and I felt the need to raise the bar a little.
With fishing season drawing to a close on Monday of the long weekend, the possibility of catching a trout on skis presented a rare opportunity. To his credit and enthusiasm, Baz had to dig through nearly a metre of snow to get down to worm terrain the night before, and then rig our rods. 
We headed off on touring skis in the dark, hitting the upper Victoria by sunrise.
We got some beautiful light, and there were heaps of birds and beasts about. Lots of deer.
Anyway, a few smaller fry, not enough for a feed and it didn’t seem fair to keep any of them anyway before they laid their roe. And it didn’t matter because it was all too beautiful, and we were content enough with the morning, the hike out, and the proof of concept which we convinced ourselves was an Oz first.
We had some great skiing (minus the girls), some awesome meals, a bit of table tennis, some small ski tours out from DP with the dog, and it was nice to light the fire and settle down in front of it, as well as the usual Opening Weekend fireworks and festivities.


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