Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hotham 27 June

After the most recent storm, the hills around H are primo. A little rain on Sunday has frozen a good half meter snowpack that can only be built upon with the next front. Everywhere except Blue Ribbon is ready to go as soon as management deems it profitable.
I raced up after the kids bath time last night and was planning a bivvy out on the Razorback, however everything was ice, and ended up sleeping in the car.
Was glad to have packed the carvers. Imagine and most of HV was good with areas of spindrift providing some nice plumes up high.
Orographic clouds came in mid afternoon so I drove down and west to drop off the road into a north facing chute that I'd noticed hiking a couple of years back. It wasn't really that skiable but I persevered all the way down to the Diamantina. Climbed back up to Big Hill, and then launched back down a nicely corned up gully. Then another slog back up to the road and home. 

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