Monday, 5 November 2012

November lines...

We took the kids up to the hills over the Cup weekend for a bit of spring action. We had some nice walks, good cooking and drinking, tennis, biking and horse rides; although The Bolt was still a little disabled since his microsurgery!
On Sunday morning I went for a run to Room With a View and cased out some lines on Feather.
The plan was to get up early Monday and run out the Razorback for for a couple of lines on the SE gullies, and then back for horse riding at 10. Monday morning dawned incredibly windy, and the baby had cried all night. The run out in the dark was pretty fatiguing, and by the time I got to the Twin Humps I was pretty dehydrated and buggered. The few remaining drifts seemed badly rotted, and so I retreated back to the car. In the dark, I had also left the camera and phone in the car, which was a shame as the sunrise was spectacular.
Before the weather turned nasty, we had a nice family walk and bush bash down to the bottom of Carmichael Falls. On the way back we stumbled upon the ancient ruins of Dinner Plain that pre-date Big Muster Drive, and even Rundells. 

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