Saturday, 20 October 2012


I have been trying to organise a trip up to the Dandenongs, and particularly Cloudhill, for the last few springs without any success. But on Tuesday morning we awoke to find that all of our chooks had been slaughtered by (presumably) some random fox - and so had need to head up to the Emerald chook farm to replenish our coup. The mental wellbeing of the kids (and our egg supply) was at stake. 
The hills were looking lush and vibrant, with shades of Bowral and Mt Wilson. Cloudhill itself is stunning, and I was particularly amazed by the rhododendron forests. We had lunch at the restaurant after stopping at my favourite maple and conifer nursery and filling up the Ovlov.
Then on to the National Rhododendron Gardens, which have to be one of the principle attractions in the state, if not the nation - amazing we haven't been before. The juxtaposition of mountain ash and exotics, particularly azaleas, is absolutely breathtaking. We'll certainly be back next year.

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