Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Prom, April 2013

Our kids are so spoilt that this was really their first lot of school holidays where they actually had to hang around our boring old house.
ML and I both managed a free Friday though and we headed down to the Prom via the Royal Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne which I have been wanting to visit for ages, and which was well worth the detour.
Annie and Rorie arrived on Saturday for a fabulous day on Squeaky Beach in a summer that just keeps on delivering for the weekends. Charlotte and I did some cool bouldering together.
We took the boat out on Sunday morning on the Inlet which was a mirror - and with no swell, it was easy pushing on out to sea where we let out the trolling lines and soon had salmon almost jumping into the boat. We got half a dozen in about half an hour and then headed back for a great fish feast on the deck before a lazy afternoon in the garden and three spectacular sunsets.
We had a close encounter with a dazzled koala on the way home.

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