Thursday, 14 August 2014

Several Short Forays for Cornage

Somebody really needs to start marketing Hotham as the backcountry centre of the universe. Of course this will never happen b/c it isn't profitable to advocate chairlift avoidance. But two weeks after the last snow and there were still powder stashes to be found on Thursday and Friday amongst the vast fields of sun-ripened corn. I had Daniel with me who has never skied in Australia before and doesn't really do off-piste, so could only manage a few trips up to the top of Loch and over to Machinery.
As well as being higher than Hotham and with some amazing steeps, the other appeal of Loch is the views over to Victoria's biggest baddest peaks.
On Friday I got Kate and Jen to climb up to Loch and drop into the Cobungra before boot packing out, and then another long line through a newfound glade and some very dry snow. Back up top we bumped into Heather and Walter for a little anaesthetic conference in one of Victoria's finest conference venues.

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