Monday, 12 January 2015


Well I finally got my beautiful wife and best ski buddy to Japan.
Surprise, surprise, she was enthused. And I now have a few photos of her up to her eyeballs in powder amongst the Japanese birch.
Whilst the snow (or weather) wasn't all time, it was still pretty goddam spesh, with plenty of fresh tracks in knee deep goodness amongst the insane beauty of Hokkaido. We ate like a king and queen, and basically lived the honeymoon that I always wanted - an accidental second honeymoon.
We slummed it in Niseko, before I introduced her to the kookiness of Rusutsu where I attended at least a couple of talks at the conference.
We enjoyed the company of James, and I also picked up a new ortho list, such that the vast majority of my work is now with fellow skiers.
The pinnacle of the holiday was, without doubt, our Yotei ascent.
It was enough to get Marie-Laure hooked.
Mission accompli!

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