Friday, 27 February 2015

Lucie's 8th Birthday

We bid a teary farewell to some of Bailey Avenue's finest on the weekend as the Gillards finally headed off to the US, leaving behind their beautifully renovated house. We'll miss them but wish them well and hope to catch them in LA come September.
We also caught up with Mish and JC, and Vanessa and Andrew down from Sydney, all at our place on Friday night.
Our beautiful Luce turned eight and it was a glorious day as first her cousins arrived, together with mum and dad for a family lunch. My own beautiful sister Em was also in town, so we had the whole family sitting around our outside table.
Then Lucie's friends arrived en mass for a science show (lots of mess with liquid nitrogen), cake, games and swimming. Lots of fun!
It was a long weekend and then a short week until the Prom the next weekend. I got my snow gum chessboard finished, and started some credible rock work in the front garden.
Oh, and Balti read his first book!

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