Sunday, 29 March 2015

Prom March 2015

This was really the last weekend before the end of daylight saving, and we were treated to some reasonably decent weather for what has been a pretty ordinary summer.
It was the first weekend of the kid's school holidays and we actually kicked it off with a movie in bed in Melbourne as I'd had a complex case all day Friday for which I needed to be on hand.
We got down in time to assist an Orient Express drop-off and to find Graham fairly agitated. 
I got some more rock work done and some burning off and general tidying up.
We had a lovely dinner followed by a cracker bonfire.
Sunday dawned pleasantly and we decided to make a bid for Squeaky, which turned out to be the right move despite it being mild, with the wind from the west.
Balti got to try out his new surfboard, and eventually got upright after multiple wipeouts.
The kids and I did some boldering, and had fun in the low tide rock pools.
The water was warm enough, and that classic Squeaky crystal aqua green.
A great day and weekend.   

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