Sunday, 20 September 2015

Closing Weekend

The frog-in-laws arrived on Thursday and we immediately whisked them up to our Alps for some quality Aussie slush.
In fact the snow hasn't been too bad this year, and with two extra baby-sitters on hand, I was hoping to get some touring in.
Unfortunately, some lame weather came in on Sunday morning, so Charlotte and I had to be content with a nice explore around the Christmas Hill area, including a combat descent down one of the creek-lines in which daddy masked the fact that he was lost by insisting that this amounted to a lesson in creek crossings, staying "hydrated" yet dry, and avoiding collapsible snow-bridges.
I also got a couple of nice runs in up to Dead Timber Hill for some stunning light over the BHPs and Mt Cope.
We had good food and some nice wines in front of the fire.
And I am now a certifiable tele-head.

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