Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter DP

We had a fabulous Easter up at DP with Pen, Simo, and all the cousins.
A good walk out to Loch in superb autumn weather on Saturday, and the usual Easter egg hunts, nests, Geebung polo, and good local meals.
The fish were on down at the Victoria, and I got to try out the new smoker: hot smoked trout is the go, especially after a few lagers at our new local brewery a few doors down the road.
Simon caught his first ever fish, and Charlotte let a couple of monsters go.
A few trail runs, mountain bike rides, and nice family walks through misty snowgum forests.
We also got Balti's room painted, as well as fixing up the upstairs bathroom ceiling, which pretty much completes the upstairs painting.
Looking forward to some cooler weather and first snowfalls!

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