Saturday, 16 April 2016


Took Anne and Dom to Sydney for their final weekend prior to returning to France, and the last few days of the kids' school hols.
Marie-Laure had her big YSL event on the Thursday night, and we arrived on the Friday morning and after checking in the hotel, noticed that the Lloyd Rees exhibition had been extended to this weekend which was a massive bonus for me as I'd been a bit gutted not being able to find the time to get up to see it. We then met ML at CQ and took the ferry over to the zoo. It was a glorious autumn Sydney day and the harbour was as splendid as ever. 
Had a great meal at Quay that evening with a massive ocean liner departing during entree.
On Saturday we took the ferry over to Mosman and walked the entire coast around to Balmoral where we had lunch at the Bathers Pavilion. The kids swam, and we got a water taxi back to CQ. We got the kids pizza and settled them in front of a movie and then caught a cab to the botanical gardens to see Turandot on the harbour, which was fantastic. Also arranged fireworks for the Claisses who were suitably impressed!
The next day we wandered through the CBD, QVB, Hyde Park, St Mary's and then the Domain and Botanical where we saw some great art exhibitions. Continued around to CC through the rain and saw off Anne and Dom who had to get an earlier flight back to Melbourne for their French connection.
We met up with Vanessa and kids and found a bar with a great bar where we ended up dancing with the kids.
A terrific weekend. 

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