Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter DP

Autumn is the best. We had a great meal at Tani on the Thursday night which sadly will be our last as Hamish and Rachel are closing and setting up their gin palace.
The autumn colours of the Japanese maples I planted last year were out, and we had terrific weather all weekend for the kids to make the most of their new mountain bikes. On Friday I drove down to Omeo to mingle with the locals and had one of the funniest exchanges yet with the bloke in the hardware store who pretty much refused to sell me some timber. We spent the rest of the day sorting out upstairs since the parquetry which looks terrific, and I took Cavey to Precipitous Plain and then the Montane Circuit before having everyone around to our place for a roaring fire and bubbly.
We had a relaxing Saturday morning before driving the cars down to Victoria River and then back up to DP for the long MTB trail back down. Dinner was at High Plains which was very yummy.
Sunday was the polo which was fun, and then family dinner of roast chicken and many rounds of chess. Much to my eternal shame I got beaten by one of my children for the first time, not once but twice! I actually have to think my way through each game now and its exhausting! At least I can still beat Balti, but maybe not for much longer... 
Monday was odd jobs, odd trail runs and several mountain bike circuits and a BBQ at home before the long drive home listening to the Cats wallop Hawthorn. 

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