Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Easter DP

The only thing more extraordinary than the weather this Easter was the traffic. On good Friday, we got diverted by Google Maps along dirt roads in conga lines of dust out of a city of 5M to avoid freeways that were in complete gridlock. Once out on the freeway, it was still a carpark, and we averaged 50kph all the way to the Glenrowan turnoff. But then a very relaxing lunch in 32 degree of autumn sunshine at Sam Miranda, followed by a swim in Bright with Balti and his friend as the girls continued up the mountain. 
The next 6 days were calm, warm and sunny. The Omeo rodeo was an eye opener for the kids who learnt their first words of 'Ucken' as well as some interesting fashion and tat tips.
We got some nice fish on a few hikes down to alpine streams, also a few trail runs with Chockie, and lots of flow track action on the Yeti. Cool nights beside the fire, lots of nice cooking, and even a frosty morning. I sold a few works at the DP art expo, and we met and shared some drinks with friends and some nice new locals. Property at DP has suddenly gone bananas.
On Sunday we hiked out to Feathertop with some very uninspired and whiney kids who only got whinier as the day dragged on and we ran out of water. Next day there was further whining as we dragged them on the 25km bike trail down to Cobungra, stopping at the Black Sallee Lake for lunch. 
Cleaning out the man-shed on Tuesday was almost like an archeological dig. I found prehistoric bindings, a bird's nest in an old ski helmet, and even evidence that I once fancied tuning my own skis on a custom made bench. Oh, and it turns out that I have more skis than I really need.


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