Thursday, 30 September 2021

GF Weekend Prom boys fishing trip


Baz, Chockie and I had an awesome boys-only fishing weekend for the Grand Final. Saturday was gardening, paving, and obligatory soccer matches before the big game (with party pies) watching the Ds finally come home. We also had to get the boat ready which proved troublesome with all of the rain making the drive up from the beach impassable with the car, and needing much stonework. Then an early start for a sunrise launch from Duck Point, with the tides perfect for a day's outing on Corner Inlet. 

Whilst we were after an early season snapper, it seemed the only fish wanting a feed were flatties in the channels west of Doughboy Island. We got quite a few of them and kept 4 nice ones for dinner. I've never seen Corner Inlet so calm and lake-like, and we also scored beautiful weather after a chilly morning. We also scored a friendly rendezvous with a couple of seals who were evidently finding more fish than us, and were very playful around the boat.

The ramp at Duck Point seems OK for an hour either side of high tide, and maybe even 2 hours either side for a higher tide. Navigation was easy with the Garmin App and sounder, but it's still not a body of water to mess with. We got back in time to clean the boat, fish and fishing gear, and then some more soccer. Baz beat me on our second match and I had to chase him down for a firm tickle.

We then got treated to the most glorious Prom sunset, with still golden light.

Balti crumbed and fried the fish and cooked up some chips for a very worthy feast before an attempt at watching Alien, however we were fast asleep before we knew it.   

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