Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Prom 7th July

The frog-in-laws arrived last week and took the three wombats down to the Prom for the school holidays. Our little house in St Kilda has never been so quiet. I headed down early Saturday morning and we all drove in to the Park for a nice walk from Lilly Pilly over to Squeaky and back. It was a crisp, sunny and still winter's day. We had a pique-nique on the rocks and watched some sizeable swells driving into the granite. The Prom looks super green at the moment, which may just be like always in winter when we're seldom down. The kids all walked well, even Balti. Back home we watched a glorious sunset over the water and then lit a healthy bonfire, before a stupendous meal. I had to be back in Melbourne for on-call on Sunday but was witness to a very beautiful sunrise over the Baw Baw plateau.

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  1. Wow mike maybe the feather day trip will be a demo event at the next winter Olympics?!?