Saturday, 18 August 2012

After the storm... 18th August 2012

We had big plans for this weekend before nature stepped in with the storm of the season. To get where we planned heading we either needed no snow, or a slick track on the Dargo Road. But with snow down to Harrietville, the road had just opened and cars and chains were all over the road from the Meg onwards - and then a solid car park from Rene's onwards which looked like it might take the best part of the morning to unravel. I've always maintained that in moments like these, one's best friends are those with access to a private ski lift. Darbs was home at WSC, and together we skinned up St Bernard and successfully got the rope tow started without losing any fingers in the process. With only a few technical glitches (I soon got used to skiing with a wrench, nutcracker, spanner and screwdriver), it didn't take us too long to track out the mountain in good old Ozzie pow. 
But the bestest friends are those who understand that there might be drier snow up higher. So spent the rest of the day doing Golden Point loops with Buck, Rick, Rob and Bailey. The snow was awesome up high and pretty rotten down low, but all good when untracked! A good day washed down with some beers whilst watching crazies on skidoos. 

Darbs in knee deep at the Dargo turnoff

Skinning up to start the tow

Top unload

De-icing and safety check

Darbs on Wood Run

Mt Smythe down to the Ovens

A frozen Mt Freezeout

Buck in the trees down from Golden Point

Rick ripping it up before Collingwood's loss to the Roos

Before life on the spinal ward

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