Monday, 13 August 2012

Day Trip for some Blow, 13th August 2012

Darbs and I got a half dozen nice lines yesterday off Blowhard which has finally got a decent enough base on it, although still not up to usual. I was just up for the day and had to go through Wodonga for a meeting, which meant a 4am start and nearly a thousand clicks on the tachometer by the end of the day after another meeting in DP. The sun was out and the snow varied between slough, corn and scratch. Cloud came in around midday on Blowhard, however we noticed that Higgi seemed to be in continuous sun so we drove around and had a nice time through the glades on Women's Downhill, which was awesome despite having seen more traffic than I care to remember. People really need to start getting back en piste.

Walnuts and West Peak

Feathertop from Smoko

Darbs boot-packing out of WD

Looking across to next week's destination: Freezeout and Blue Rag

Blowhard this time last year

On Blowhard with fine spring corn

Darbs down one of the bottom gullies Blowhard

Me on far ridge, Blowhard

Bottom of Blowhard

Darbs in the Glades, Women's Downhill

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