Saturday, 25 May 2013

May is the new Spring!

The cousins had a blast over the weekend with amazing autumn spring-like conditions and the entire mountain to ourselves. On Saturday morning I got some quality lines dropping off the Great Alpine Road in epic spring corn with verticals just short of a couple hundred meters each run. For such a light ski, the Logics are already making me very happy! The rest of the family soon arrived and we took over the summit trig en masse for a picnic that seemed to last the better part of the day. The kids had fun on the luge with only one injury which is always a bonus (I am already facing large orthodontic bills with Charlotte).
There was good snow to the west through stunted snow gums, almost all the way down to the Diamantina Hut, and I also dropped into Avalanche and Dargo, but lots of ice.
We had a house-warming of sorts on Saturday night as Geelong soundly and appropriately whipped Port, and it was very relaxing next to the fire after Annie's superb curry.
Sunday morning we wandered down to Carmichael Falls for some pretty ice formations, and then the upper Vic River for a picnic and several futile attempts to wake up the odd lazy hibernating trout.
The best thing about the weekend after the weather though was seeing my kids playing with their cousins in the snow, just as we did with our cousins all those years ago!   

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  1. Hey Bood! Looks amazing, the light is astonishing, crystal white...happy days...
    Love Sarah -x- (Simon's sis!)