Sunday, 5 May 2013

NGV May 2013

You never have a bad day at the NGV with kids, even when mummy gets the dates wrong for the new Monet exposition (starts next week my love...) - and even when your youngest, so excited by French's stained glass ceiling, runs around and around until he clocks himself on one of the pillars and starts haemorrhaging uncontrollably over the artworks.
We had a good feed at Persimmon and the wombats were relatively adequately behaved, and got to see parts of the gallery that we might have otherwise glossed over in the dying stages of the Monet expo when all you want to do is get the kids the hell out of the way of yet another bored security guard trying to add a new dimension to his day.
Kohei Nawa's crystal encrusted deer is awesome, and the kids loved Boursier-Mougenot's floating bowls in the foyer, although the guards were particularly wary of our blood-stained boy. 

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