Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Loze and Lac Blue

The advantages of being in the Alps for an early summer after a heavy winter, far outweigh those of a mid to late summer. What we are lacking in the chanterelles and berry counts, most of us are gaining in spectacular floral displays, and others from the odd choice couloir. 
I had to work hard for my ski today. Knowing that we were going to try to walk the kids up to Lac Blue, I ran up early to check if it might be worth carrying my skis. I had a quick dip in the lake and then sussed out some of the west-facing couloirs running off Loze, only one of which looked skiable but pretty good all the same. Then back down for breaky.
I set off with Balti and Luce, both of them amazing me yet again with their stamina. And whilst the kids chased trout, I climbed up the couloir to the top of Loze for some great views of the Grand Casse. It skied pretty well, although there was lots of sun-cupping and runnels. 
Then we all plodded down to Bouc Blanc for a well-earned beer and lunch before a nice saunter home through the Foret du Praz.

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