Monday, 1 December 2014

Best of Season 2014

Season 2014 starred a couple of massive early dumps and then an eternal spring, the warmest on record.
I got fit for touring running the TGV in the Vanoise, and then returning for the tail end of Snowmageddon and Snowzilla and some exceptional powder days with my mates. 
A low and beefy base leant for some new and perhaps never before skied lines in the Hotham BC, with the western faces of Loch the most memorable - and then our best ever day's ski-touring on the Bluff and Eadly-Stoney.
I then broke my thumb and needed surgery which put the moz on a few of my other plans, but still some exceptional spring corn was to be had.
However September was mostly about the family and the kids. I got Charlotte skiing some steep BC lines, and all of them progressed in leaps and bounds such that even the 4 year old can now keep up with the rest of the family no matter the pitch. 
Without a doubt this was the highlight of the season.
Despite the early notions of Christmas lines, it was all over by October such that a planned Main Range trip didn't eventuate.

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