Monday, 4 July 2016

Vanoise Summer 2016

The Alps were as magic as always this summer.
Some great walks, a few runs, and a solitary ski. My knee held up OK.
We had great weather and even managed to forage a huge meal of morels. A bit early for chanterelles.
Charlotte and I climbed Rechasse with Roland, but unfortunately we just missed the last of the skiable snow for Paradiso.
Wedding anniversary at Chabichou, and the usual walks to Champagny-de-haut, Prioux and Lacs Merlet with some nice lunches. Got to see the north face of Le Grande Casse for the first time - wow, can't believe anyone has ever skied it, let alone Roland skiing it 2 weeks ago!
Planted another dozen snow gums. My bioterrorism by stealth continues as I claim the Alps for Oz... 

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