Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Buenos Aires

 We had a couple of days in BA and it really blew our minds - it really is the Paris of the Southern Hemisphere. Who would have guessed there was a city as beautiful, sexy and sophisticated as Paris, but lined with jacarandas and only 12 hours away on the same latitude as Sydney?

We stayed at the swanky Alvear Palace in Recoleta, but could have just as happily stayed in the world's most famous and amazing cemetery, or the art gallery.
We did all the main touristy things including, of course, La Boca, where every young kid wears a Messi/Maradona top. Guess what we bought Balti?
The steak and Malbec really are fantastic (I think I need a smokey parilla Argentinian style back in Melbourne), and whilst we'd had some tango lessons before we left, after watching the locals we were hardly game to throw our hats in to the ring.
We would love to go back and spend some decent time in this busy cosmopolitan city, and in fact very nearly missed our flight to Ushuaia.
How to fall in love with a city in 24 hours. Wow, BA, te quiero!

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