Saturday, 9 November 2019

Paradise Bay and Ronge Island (Iceaxe Day 4)

We woke to yet another bluebird day in Paradise Bay and, with a slight breeze and likely heavy snowpack freeze, decided to go sea kayaking in the morning as it was our last chance. We saw a lost emperor penguin which is unusual this far south. The Ocean Adventurer then cruised during lunch up the beautiful Errera Channel through thick brash ice to spend the afternoon climbing Ronge Island, with magnificent views from the summit of Mt Tennant at nearly 700m.

Often it's more about the climb than the descent, and this was no exception - breakable crust is even more a telemarking nightmare with apartment-block-sized crevasses to fall in to if you stuff up. The suns rays are still feeble this far south despite the day, and the sweet-spot for good corn seemed to fall within a couple of hours in the late afternoon. But the penguin rookeries at the end of the run always made it worthwhile. The annual Antarctica White Night dress up party was fun, especially once out on open water with a moving dance floor. Marie-Laure's light-suit was a hit!

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