Sunday, 13 July 2014

Another TGV

This took me back to when Penny and I did our big architecture Grand tour back in 1996. I'd just finished medicine and was pretty sure I wanted to start again and do architecture. Mum and dad were thrilled.
Anyway, I had some time between Marie-Laure dropping me off at St Exupery, which is the recently revamped international airport for Lyon, (named of course after the aviator and author of Le Petite Prince, which was read at our civil wedding by Crystal) and my flight.
The new TGV station that services the airport is architecturally remarkable and would have made Penny and my list back then. We would have photographed it obsessively, on film back then, with several rolls of black and white. The architect is Santiago Calatrava, in a synthesis perhaps of Ove Arup and Jorn Utzon, and Gaudi.   

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