Saturday, 12 July 2014

Courchevel été 2014

The one good day of weather we had in the Alps this year was the day of the TGV. Just as well though that it wasn't run any of the days following as torrential rain and then snow settled in down to as low as 1900 metres. This left us a little house bound and this suited my post-TGV leg fatigue and general aches and pains, although we did manage a few walks in the forest. There were plenty of alpine flowers, and the rhododendrons were magnificent, but no chanterelles this year except for a few down at lower altitudes as it was just too cold.
Marie-Laure and I got to the Chabichou for a very fine wedding anniversary dinner, and we took the kids for a few swims in the spa there. Of course we also had to put up with Anne's terrible cooking and Dom's lousy wines.
I got a final run in during a brief spell in the rain - up the Dent de Villard, a thousand metres of painful climbing starting off in the dark, and surprising a herd of chevreuil on the summit. The summit and its crazy karst landscape were quite surreal, and there was still a fair bit of snow about.
Balti got quite sick on Friday, which caused a few dramas, and it was sad to say goodbye to my babies on Saturday as ML drove me to Lyon.   

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