Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Prom, September 2014

We had a great WE down at the Prom for what felt like the first day of summer - in September!
The kids arrived from Dinner Plain with Anne and Dom on Thursday, and the frog and I got down late for dinner. On Saturday I mowed, gardened and cleaned the house in the morning before settling down in front of the Granny which was all over by half time - so I went for a run to meet the others at the Whale's Graveyard. Charlotte and Lucie ran back with me, and we did some kangaroo mustering and bush bashing along the way. Lucie's longest run yet.
A glorious sunset over the water before lighting the bonfire and popping some champagne. Anne cooked her world famous roast chicken.
The next day was hot and windy and we decided on Squeaky. Charlotte was keen to try her first half marathon with me to Darby River, however we weren't really organised enough - and she's probably not up to it yet... and so we had a great trail run on the Lilly Pilly Mt Bishop circuit instead, about 7km. It was the first time I had seen the Lilly Pilly landslide. Incredible.
The water is still winter temperature, so it was hard to get in for more than a few minutes without a wetsuit. The kids and I did lots of bouldering before heading back home to drop off the yabby nets (they ended up catching a pair of ferocious eels!). Marie-Laure and I decided to relax and have a couple of reds then drive back to work early Monday morning.

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